Struggling to get that desired sleep!

I so hate it!

My workmates can take a very deep sleep during the day while I, no matter how hard I try, never have a good 8-hour sleep in a day.

I dunno why, but this has been going on for quite a long time. I’ve tried several ways to fight it, but to no avail. I’ve replaced my curtain to black just to make it dark… I’ve tried drinking a glass of milk before bedtime… reading a few pages of a book… or even basking in the pleasure of Facebook.

I don’t wanna blame it to the other things that I have to do outside work, like editing a dissertation of a co-teacher or acting as Spongebob for a friend who gets depressed every now and then… maybe… it’s just in my system. My friends always tell me I’m such an unhealthy person. I mean, with my underweight body (like that of a high school student), I need a good amount of rest and a pretty healthy diet. And sufficient sleep every day.

Here’s what I have heard about getting enough sleep:

  1. Keep your sleep regular. This makes your sleep-wake cycle consistent. If you do it consistently, your body will automatically adopt to it that you don’t need to force yourself to sleep.
  2. Don’t drink large amounts before sleeping. Eat light and drink light. I have always considered a dangerous thing to do to sleep with a full stomach. Does pancreatitis ring a bell? It’s best to spend about 30 minutes before you go to bed after eating. In my case, I usually drink a glass of water before retiring for the day. Myths say that it is to avoid nightmares.
  3. Avoid nicotine, caffeine, and alcohol. Although I have disagreements with these. I smoke; I’m a coffee addict; and I l0ve beer. Health experts would insist this for sure… but as far as I am concerned, this won’t work for me. Just do it… for yourself.
  4. Exercise regularly. I’m such a lazy boy. I remember how defined my name… ‘lazy.’ Lazy as in I tend to forget taking my supplements; I seldom fix my room… and much more with exercising. But, I believe exercise really does a great job in making us fall asleep faster.
  5. Make your bedroom dark. Yeah I’ve tried it… but as I said…to no avail. Hope it works the next time I sleep. Or maybe I should use eye covers and ear plugs.
  6. Choose a comfortable pillow. Everyone has a comfort pillow… something that you really consider a part of you. I always sleep with a lot of pillows around me. It helps sometimes.
  7. Sleep when you’re tired. If you can’t sleep even though you’ve tried hard for some time, get up and do something else. Then go back to bed when you get tired and sleepy. For sure, if that doesn’t work, do the next one.
  8. Use sleeping pills. I have never tried doing it… I think it’s kinda dangerous especially that I’m not that healthy. I’m scared that instead of giving me a good deal of sleep, it gives me a freaking health condition.

That would be all for now… I’m gonna try to this after I have my class tomorrow. Just hope all these work for me…


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