10 Things that You Should Know to Make Social Networking Sites Work to your Business’ Advantage

10 Things that You Should Know to Make Social Networking Sites Work to your Business’ Advantage

Social networking has been very popular recently. Its effect to the world of business, especially in marketing and promotion, has been quite irresistible. Social networks offer probably the most convenient way of getting your business information across.

Here’s a 10-point strategy to help you get that information across to your potential client in the most effective way. These are not rules, by the way; they just serve as a guide that will make you more visible and ‘existent’ in social media marketing.

1. Start pulling, quit pushing.

The first thing you should learn when using social media is to let go of the traditional marketing strategies that you know of. Keep in mind that new tools come with their own rules. So never jump off with a glaring promotion of your products or services.

For instance, if you receive a new tweet from a new Twitter follower, never reply like this: “Thank you for following. Visit my website to know more about our product… [promotional message].”

That kind of response screams your newbie experience in using social media; it only tells the whole twitter world that you don’t yet understand how it works. A social network is a “pull” medium, not a “push” medium.

2. Be heard.

Social media is very much like the real world where participation is a necessity to keep the conversation going. As a matter of fact, if we’re granted the right to alter the Marketing Mix, or the four P’s of marketing, we can say participation is the fifth P following product, price, place, and promotion.

As a participant, you become more valuable to the social community based on the value they get from you. If you want to earn the respect of the community members, socialize and share freely. If you fail to do so and act like a “glory hog,” they just wouldn’t care about you.

3. Focus on content, conversation, and conversion.

Even though the medium has changed, the quality of your content should remain – well-written, informative, and entertaining. You must keep your content rich of information whether it is a blog post, a tweet, a video, a podcast, a webinar, or a whitepaper. Talk as if you were an expert or a genius, totally knowledgeable about his or her craft and able to communicate his knowledge to the audience. And don’t forget that it must be winning the war for attention. Think of it this way: content is the king, conversation the queen, and conversion the prince.

In addition, bear in mind to set content apart from commerce. The two should never meet, at least in social networking. Don’t sound preachy either!

4. Be authentic and transparent!

They may seem clichéd, yet the words ‘authentic’ and ‘transparent’ still resonate in this new marketing strategy. Be real and honest. Be open to constructive criticisms and humbly admit the fault you made.

5. Be where your customers are.

This doesn’t mean you have to be present in every social networking site. That’s one difficult thing to maintain… not to mention the amount of time you’ll be spending on each. But, be where majority of your potential clients virtually exist. They must be waiting for someone like you there as well.

6. Give now, receive later.

Being helpful in social networking circles can pave the way to a good reputation for you. It has such a viral effect to those whom you’ve helped, and in the long run, you’ll be able to establish a good name without your knowing it.

Author David Meerman Scott puts it succinctly: “Lose control of your marketing.” Share your marketing know-how for free, that is, without expecting for a dollar or two. It will just pay off sooner or later.

7. Don’t let go of the marketing ‘baby.’

Social media is just a new venue for promoting your brand and marketing your product – not a replacement. So it goes without saying that most, if not all, rules of marketing still hold true.

Marketing is a field that welcomes the integration of new ways and strategies as time goes by. Up to now, most marketers still rely on email and search for one good reason: they’re still very effective. Marketing comes in various forms, and no matter what they are, they’re still interrelated. Social media being one of these forms is just establishing its position in the marketing mainstream, and it’s doing well so far.

8. Let social media be your mindset.

Social media is a strategy; as such, it has to be embedded on your mind all the time. Changing your toolset (tactics) is good, but changing your mindset (strategy) as well will make it even better.

9. Stick with yourself no matter what

“Be yourself!” has always been a popular mantra for everyone. True enough, no advice can be better than this one whether we live in the physical or virtual world.

Use your real photo as your avatar. Social networking sites are places where users want to socialize and communicate with people, not businesses. This is an economy driven by trust, so let them trust the man or woman behind the brand.

10. Know that social media is still growing.

Social media is a large entity with a large set of unwritten rules, but it is not a religion. Nothing fixed… nothing stable. It still has a whole lot of chance to grow. And it is only through experimentation that it will grow into a better world for people, especially those who want to grow their business through the web.

Social media has proven itself to be very effective in raising a business’s bottom line. Using technology, Using technology, businesses now have another dimension of existence. Wider, faster, and better. Discover and experience the power of social media marketing to the success of your business now!


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