Struggling to get that desired sleep!

I so hate it!

My workmates can take a very deep sleep during the day while I, no matter how hard I try, never have a good 8-hour sleep in a day.

I dunno why, but this has been going on for quite a long time. I’ve tried several ways to fight it, but to no avail. I’ve replaced my curtain to black just to make it dark… I’ve tried drinking a glass of milk before bedtime… reading a few pages of a book… or even basking in the pleasure of Facebook. Continue reading

Getting an ‘F’ in the effin’ subject called liFe!

This time I want to break away from the common theme of my posts in this blog. I wanna talk about the movie I saw yesterday. I have posted this on my other blog, but i just want to repost it here…

From a personal standpoint, our life, whether it is well-lived or not, is measured by how complicated it is. A simple one might be good as it gives you no worries, no stress. But a complicated one might be too burdensome to carry yet presents you with more opportunities for learning and growth. With that said, I think it’s clear that life being complicated is a good thing. Continue reading

Little lessons in writing

This is not my own writing. It’s lifted from, written by no less than its main man, Brian Clark.

I just thought of re-posting this so anybody who drops by can learn something from my blog before they decide to exit. It’s a simple thought on writing clearly, and the style itself manifests clarity already. Continue reading

10 Things that You Should Know to Make Social Networking Sites Work to your Business’ Advantage

10 Things that You Should Know to Make Social Networking Sites Work to your Business’ Advantage

Social networking has been very popular recently. Its effect to the world of business, especially in marketing and promotion, has been quite irresistible. Social networks offer probably the most convenient way of getting your business information across.

Here’s a 10-point strategy to help you get that information across to your potential client in the most effective way. These are not rules, by the way; they just serve as a guide that will make you more visible and ‘existent’ in social media marketing.

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A formula to help you avoid being called a plagiarist

Writing has always been my interest. But, at times I wonder why I just can’t squeeze my brain to produce something worth reading in comparison to my friends. Be it literary or creative non-fiction, I always depend on my luck at gathering some interest to write. Or worse, look for ‘pressure.’

More realizations came in when I got a job at Virtual Assistant Technologies, Inc. where my task demands more of writing. But because of the pressing time given per writing activity, I’m able to write.

Not a good behavior, though.

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Writing straight from the heart…

I had several training sessions about conversational writing with Craig over Skype in the past two weeks, and I’m telling you, what I learned was worth the long period that my problematic ears were exposed to the headset.

I must admit that I’m a bit struggling with the conversational writing stuff. Being a teacher (in the past life J), I have this academic-writing orientation which makes me totally a freak. Why? I freak out when I see something wrong with my writing… I freak out when I see or even hear some grammatical error in other’s works.

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